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School Crossing Patrols help all across the county.

School Crossing Patrols help all across the county.

Plea for New School Crossing Patrol Officer

A road safety conscious school has made a plea for a new ‘lollipop person’ to come forward and help pupils cross a busy road.

Laureate Community Academy in Exning Road, Newmarket, has been without a school crossing patrol officer since September. Now the school, and members of their own junior road safety team, have made a joint plea in a bid to fill the vacancy.

David Perkins, headteacher, said: “This is an extremely important position as the school is situated on a busy road on the outskirts of Newmarket.

“Suffolk County Council has advertised for the position and we have promoted it through our newsletter but unfortunately no one has come forward yet.

“The pupils take road safety very seriously, as shown by our junior officers, and they are keen to raise awareness of it.

“Motorists are very aware of the school and its pupils but a crossing patrol officer just heightens that further as well as setting the right example for parents and pupils.”

Last year, Suffolk County Council funded a crossing patrol officer outside the school in response to the increase in pupil numbers at Laureate.

This was followed by the school appointing junior road safety officers who joined forces with Suffolk police to raise awareness of road safety and the importance of it outside primary schools across the county.

When asked why a new crossing patrol officer was so important, the junior road safety officers – Ashleigh Bishop (10), Lois-Lee Grimwood (11), Mollie-Jai Sweeney (11), Alicia Tyler (11) and Kacey Wing (10) – said: “There is a lot of traffic outside the school so we need a new lollypop person to help us cross the road.”

Suffolk county councillor, Robin Millar, from the Newmarket and Red Lodge division, said: “This is a busy road and a crossing is needed at the busiest times of day. I am keen to work with the school, parents and the PTA to explore ways to ensure children can cross safely.”

Anyone interested in applying for the position should contact Mary Jarrett from Suffolk County Council’s road safety team on 01473 265006.