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Young Rider

Mopeds and smaller motorcycles are increasingly being used for the daily commute to school, college or workplace. We offer 1:1 training to look at riding skills that will improve safety and reduce risk. 

Have you:

- got a moped or small motorcycle?

- got your provisional licence?

- got a helmet?

- got your Certificate of (very) Basic training?

This may be all you need by law (plus insurance and MoT) but there’s a lot more you should have.

Our Young Rider course is currently discounted to only £30 for the next 100 riders (usual course price £75).

  • Around four hours of training.
  • One to one training on the type of roads you use.
  • No test to pass.
  • Will qualify you for a £25 discount with Lexham Insurance.
  • Will teach you how to survive the urban jungle of slippery roads and other vehicles pulling out in front of you.
  • Wherever you live in Suffolk, your instructor will come to you.
If you'd like to find out more about Young Rider please complete this form.

Wheels to Work

'Wheels 2 Work' is a scheme which provides affordable transport to individuals who are unable to access training, employment or education, due to a lack of suitable public or private transport.  

Suffolk County Council is currently offering a free Young Rider course, plus a months lease paid for your Wheels to Work bike, if you sign up within 6 weeks of completing your CBT.  

For more information click here.