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Rider Plus

If you enjoy riding your motorbike, why not take the opportunity to fine tune your riding skills? We offer a full day of 1:1 training that will help you to ride more safely on the roads of Suffolk and beyond!  

If you have:

  • recently obtained a full bike licence (A1, A2 or group A);
  • or recently returned to motorcycling after a bit of a break;
  • or recently changed your bike to one that’s maybe a bit more powerful than you are used to;
  • or thought that other riders seem to be enjoying their bikes more than you;
  • or have had an accident or near miss which may or may not have been your fault, but can’t understand why it happened, or what you can do to prevent such a thing happening again;
then, for just £125 our RIDER PLUS course will give you a whole day’s bespoke training, just you and your instructor, looking at the things that concern you, whether that be overtaking, learning to enjoy bends, getting more confidence in using your brakes etc.

We will use the roads that you normally use (Suffolk mostly, but perhaps Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire), town roads, maybe motorways, but mostly bendy rural roads. 

There is no test to take, but you will be given an Enhanced Rider Certificate and ride report. This will entitle you to a £25 discount with Lexham Insurance, but above all you will learn to love your bike.

If you'd like to find out more about Rider Plus, please complete this form and our motorbike trainer, Martin Andrew, will get in touch with you soon.