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We Mean Business

If you employ anyone who drives as a part of their job, or if you are an employee who has to drive for work, even driving isn’t the main part of your job, then you might be able to take advantage of our We Mean Business initiatives across Suffolk.

We can offer you:

  • Help understanding the relevant Health and Safety Law – for example, if you employ 5 or more people who drive for work, you must have a written road safety policy
  • Help with the development, implementation, monitoring, and review of work related road safety policies
  • Assistance with risk assessing routes
  • Driver Education workshops
  • Driver Profiling – this is a short online assessment completed by the driver, and will highlight which of your drivers are at higher risk.  You may wish to put these drivers forwards for training as a priority.  See 'Enhanced Driver Training' below.
  • Driver Assessments and coaching.  See 'Enhanced Driver Training' below.

We are happy to tailor any package to meet the needs of your company, so please contact us for more information via email:jane.holland@suffolk.gov.uk  Assistance with policy writing is free of charge, but there may be a fee for other services.

Employers have a duty of care to look after their employees when they are at work, and this includes when they are driving.  Some of the benefits of managing work related road safety include:

  • Reduced transport costs
  • Reduced repair costs
  • Fewer days lost due to injury
  • Fewer missed orders
  • Improved staff morale
  • A good reputation for your company

Enhanced Driver Training

The Road Safety Team is offering enhanced driver training to both Suffolk County Council employees, and those employed in other business's across the county.  This is a programme of assessment, education and training, and will enhance driving skills and reduce the risk of being involved in a collision.

The programme consists of:

Psychometric Profiling - developed over 25 years and widely used by the fleet industry and emergency services, this tool will allow us to target education and training effectively based on each individuals requirements.

Practical driving session - a two hour, 1:1 session with a highly qualified driver trainer, carried out on various road types.  The session will be carried out either in the vehicle which is normally used for work, or in the trainers car, and will be arranged at a mutually agreeable time during the working day.

All trainers have specialist knowledge of the driver profile as well as extensive knowledge of enhanced driver techniques and expertise working with qualified drivers. 

All drivers will receive a full verbal and written de-brief with recommendations for further development following on from the session. There is currently a charge for profiling of £10 per driver and £60 per driving assessment.

For further information please email: jane.holland@suffolk.gov.uk