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Group Riding and Drivers: Sharing the Road

As more and more people take up cycling for sport, for fun, and for health, there has been an explosion in the numbers of riders who join a club and take part in group rides.  Riders need to ensure that they stay safe and follow the highway code; drivers need to be aware of what cyclists are doing, and know how to deal with them. Everyone needs to ensure they work together to stay safe and to share the road harmoniously.

The points will be covered in more detail below, but the key points are:

  • Riders are allowed to cycle 2 abreast, and this actually helps to keep them safe
  • Riders should allow drivers the opportunity to overtake
  • Drivers need to ensure that they give riders a wide berth when overtaking
  • Be aware that riders will need to avoid obstacles at the edge of the road
  • the Highway Code and the law apply to all road users - don't jump red lights!