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Get in Gear

Get in Gear is a course being offered by Suffolk County Council for young drivers aged between 17 and 19.  The course aims to give newly qualified drivers the skills to cope with driving independently and to reduce the chances of being involved in a crash.

 The course is delivered in two parts - a two hour interactive workshop and four hours of advanced driver training.

 The course itself aims to –

  • Evaluate your own driving performance
  • Cope with distractions and peer pressure
  • Improve journey planning skills
  • Improve driving on rural roads
  • Improve driving on dual carriageways
  • Improve town driving
  • And help any area of driving you want to improve

The workshop is aimed at getting participants to identify risks they are exposed to and to discuss coping strategies and ways to mediate risks (e.g. peer pressure, drink/drugs, speeding).  The 2 on road sessions are aimed at the areas where most young drivers have issues: rural roads and multi-lane roads. The participants are asked to evaluate their own performance, triggers that may negatively impact on their driving, and ways to avoid risk increasing situations. In addition, practical advanced training is given on how to assess bends and ensure the car is stable when negotiating rural roads, as well as joining, leaving and lane discipline on multi-lane roads.


Suffolk County Council is currently subsidising the course to only £30 for those aged 17-19, who live in Suffolk and have passed their test within the last year. (usual course price £150)


If you would like some more information on Get in Gear please email: jane.holland@suffolk.gov.uk

Please fill in the application form to take part.

If you've already filled in the application form and would like to pay for the course please click here..  


The Get in Gear course was written and developed by Buckinghamshire County Council.  If you live in Buckinghamshire and would like to take part in Get in Gear please click here.