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  • Group Riding and Drivers: Sharing the Road

    As more and more people take up cycling for sport, for fun, and for health, there has been an explosion in the numbers of riders who join a club and take part in group rides.  Riders need to ensure that they stay safe and follow the highway code; drivers need to be aware of what cyclists are doing, and know how to deal with them. Everyone needs to ensure they work together to stay safe and to share the road harmoniously.

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  • Suffolk’s Year of Cycling has arrived

    Suffolk’s Year of Cycling was officially launched today to kick off a year of focussed activity and celebrate all that is cycling across Suffolk.

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  • Young Cyclists

    Cyclist training is usually the first time children get guided education about being a road user. They are introduced to skills that they will continue to use as they become older and become drivers and motorcycle riders.

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  • Adult and Family Cyclists

    Cycling is a superb way of getting some fresh air, maintaining fitness levels, and enjoying the countryside.  Its popularity for commuting to work is on the increase, as are the number of families who take to the highways and byways at the weekend.

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  • Lets Look Out for Each Other

    Sharing the road can often lead to different road users getting frustrated, so the Let's Look Out For Each Other campaign aims to share information with car drivers and cyclists, to enable them to share the road safely. After all, cyclists and drivers are often the same people! They use the same rules of the road, just different modes of transport.

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  • Cyclists and Horse Riders

    Many different groups of road users can be found on Suffolk's roads, and all groups have to learn to share the space safely. Cyclists often encounter horse riders as both groups enjoy riding down the smaller country roads.

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