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Travel Plans

All schools in Suffolk have developed a School Travel Plan, as part of a joint initiative supported by the Department for Education and the Department for Transport. As part of this initiative, state schools were also provided with a grant to help support the implementation of their action plan. This page provides information on how to update and review your travel plan and templates to help achieve this.

By regularly updating your travel plan, you will be able to monitor travel to school, record any new issues or improvements required and plan for future work. All of this is easily coordinated with key documents such as the School Development Plan and curriculum planning. You may find that an updated plan is needed for key events such as planning applications or to meet a planning condition.

The following templates are available to download and can be personalised for your school:

School Travel Outcomes
Basic Classroom Travel Survey
Staff Survey
Parent Questionnare 
Classroom Survey 

If you require any further information, a copy of your existing travel plan or advice please contact us.