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School Entrance Issues

There are often issues outside the school gate relating traffic build up, and the potential for pedestrians to be injured.

In Suffolk we are very fortunate to have very few pedestrian injuries around the school gate, but we must not become complacent.  We need to ensure everything possible is done to make school entrances even safer.

A large number of vehicles arriving outside the school can cause issues for local residents, can block the road, and can make it more difficult for children to safely negotiate the final stage of their journey. However, one positive about roads being blocked by slow moving or stationary traffic, is that the traffic speed is far slower than the suggested 20mph!  When one completely clears the roads of parked vehicles there is the significant potential for traffic speeds to rise making it a more significant road safety issue.

Schools have developed their own ways of managing the school entrance issues. Many have looked at encouraging parents to either walk, cycle, or park further away. Others have developed a "Drop and Go" system. Both these systems need the support of all staff and, in particular, the Headteacher. And both of these systems have effects in addition to those that were predicted.

To support this, it is recommended that all schools update their School Travel Plan. It is vital to have up-to-date information about travel methods and, in particular, the reasons that vehicles are being used to go to school. Once this has been done, then the data can be used to target change. 


Please note: when looking to implement change outside your school, resist the temptation to ask volunteers to 'police' the system. There is a significant chance that this will result in confrontation.  Always encourage and praise those that change, try to normalise good behaviour and remember that it is likely to be very few people who cause issues. Getting good data from parents about their reasons for using a vehicle rather than walking or cycling, can allow you to work on solutions for specific small parental groups.