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Junior Road Safety Officer

A JRSO is a pupil, chosen by their Primary school, who promotes road safety to pupils, parents, and the whole school community.  They work with a named adult from the school staff and their local Road Safety Officer.

There are over 60 Primary schools in Suffolk with active JRSOs.  The number is increasing year on year as schools see the benefits of this scheme.

In 2013 the Road Safety Team held the Tenth Annual Junior Road Safety Awards ceremony at Suffolk County Council’s main hub, Endeavour House in Ipswich.  Each year we get as many JRSO as possible along to celebrate the superb work that is going on in schools.

We think that this is a good approach because…

Peer educators can communicate and understand in a way that the best-intentioned adults can't, and can serve as role models for change. Peer educators can help raise awareness, provide accurate information, and help their classmates develop skills to change behavior." – UNICEF

Together we can make a difference!  Contact us for more information.