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The Road Safety Team works with schools, colleges, universities, and youth groups – in fact anywhere that young people gather.  We can offer interactive sessions for groups to educate and advise on all aspects of road safety.  The Fire and Rescue Service also deliver presentations which show the effects that a crash can have on everyone involved: drivers, passengers, families, and emergency services. 

Young drivers often make mistakes that seem simple to experienced drivers, mistakes caused by, for example, going too fast at inappropriate times, or not concentrating enough, not looking ahead and predicting what might happen.

Spending time looking at typical crash situations and discussing them as a group can raise the issues that can prepare them for real driving.  The Road Safety Teams approach to crash scenarios is one of developing the skills to avoid them rather than focussing on the potentially gruesome outcomes.  Even the latest driving school techniques tend to concentrate on the relatively simple skills of vehicle control, rather then the thinking processes behind safe driving.

To discuss how we can work with you and your students please contact us.  Please try to book us at least a month before you want the sessions to run. 

Classroom Sessions