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  • Primary

    Road Safety Education for children in primary schools is the starting point for life as a road user, whether as a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a driver.

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  • School Entrance Issues

    There are often issues outside the school gate relating traffic build up, and the potential for pedestrians to be injured.

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  • Secondary

    The Road Safety Team, along with the Fire and Rescue Service and the Police, offer interactive sessions designed to develop students’ awareness of road risk and the skills of risk management; skills that they will need to develop so that they can safely enjoy their increasing independence. 

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  • College

    The Road Safety Team works with schools, colleges, universities, and youth groups – in fact anywhere that young people gather.  We can offer interactive sessions for groups to educate and advise on all aspects of road safety.  The Fire and Rescue Service also deliver presentations which show the effects that a crash can have on everyone involved: drivers, passengers, families, and emergency services. 

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  • Junior Road Safety Officer

    A JRSO is a pupil, chosen by their Primary school, who promotes road safety to pupils, parents, and the whole school community.  They work with a named adult from the school staff and their local Road Safety Officer.

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  • Young Cyclists

    Cyclist training is usually the first time children get guided education about being a road user. They are introduced to skills that they will continue to use as they become older and become drivers and motorcycle riders.

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  • Travel Plans

    All schools in Suffolk have developed a School Travel Plan, as part of a joint initiative supported by the Department for Education and the Department for Transport. As part of this initiative, state schools were also provided with a grant to help support the implementation of their action plan. This page provides information on how to update and review your travel plan and templates to help achieve this.

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  • School Crossing Patrol Service

    Patrols are employed to help provide a safer route for pupils travelling to and from school.  By providing this service they are assisting in encouraging sustainable travel and healthy living options.

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