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  • Junior Road Safety Officer

    Junior Road Safety Officer
    A JRSO is a pupil, chosen by their Primary school, who promotes road safety to pupils, parents, and the whole school community. Read more

  • Driver Diversionary Courses

    Driver Diversionary Courses
    Suffolk County Council Road Safety Training are the new providers of Driver Diversionary courses in Suffolk. Read more

  • Young Rider

    Young Rider
    Mopeds and smaller motorcycles are increasingly being used for the daily commute to school, college or workplace. We offer 1:1 training to look at riding skills... Read more

  • Get in Gear

    Get in Gear
    Get in Gear is an exciting course being offered by Suffolk County Council for young drivers aged between 17 and 19. Read more

  • Look Out For Each Other, Suffolk

    Look Out For Each Other, Suffolk
    An educational campaign that encourages both cyclists and drivers to share Suffolk’s roads safely. Read more

  • Suffolk Hugger's Challenge

    Suffolk Hugger's Challenge
    Challenge yourself to be a better, smoother, more accurate and safer rider - and have a lot more fun in the process. Why not take Hugger’s Challenge! Read more

  • The Honest Truth

    The Honest Truth
    In a bid to reduce the number of killed and serious injury collisions involving young drivers the Suffolk RoadSafe Partnership is joining with the County’s Approved Driving Instructors in launching Read more

  • Drugs and Driving...

    Drugs and Driving...
    Read more

Plea for New School Crossing Patrol Officer

A road safety conscious school has made a plea for a new ‘lollipop person’ to come forward and help pupils cross a busy road.
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More Stories

  • Hands Off Your Mobile

    More than 1,200 drivers have backed our campaign urging people to make an important New Year’s resolution – and stop using their mobile phones at the wheel. 
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  • Country Roads

    You never know what’s just around the bend…59% of all road fatalities occur on country roads, in 2015 alone 10,307 people were killed or seriously injured.
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  • Young Driver Survey

    Are you a young driver or do you have a young driver in the family?
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  • Safe and Seen in Suffolk

    The Safe and Seen in Suffolk – Road Safety   “reflector” campaign is being launched in partnership with Radio Suffolk, Public Health, and Suffolk Roadsafe, to coincide with the clocks changing on 30th October.
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  • Drink Drive Euro 2016

    Celebrations* and festivities will be surrounding Euro 2016, but be aware that drinking can have serious consequenses!  
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  • News Archive

    Browse through the Suffolk RoadSafe news stories and campaigns archive.
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