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  • "Put It Away" Campaign
    Police in Norfolk and Suffolk will be targeting drivers who text and talk behind the wheel as part of a national campaign. Read more

  • Junior Road Safety Officer

    Junior Road Safety Officer
    A JRSO is a pupil, chosen by their Primary school, who promotes road safety to pupils, parents, and the whole school community. Read more

  • Driver Diversionary Courses

    Driver Diversionary Courses
    Suffolk County Council Road Safety Training are the new providers of Driver Diversionary courses in Suffolk. Read more

  • Young Rider

    Young Rider
    Mopeds and smaller motorcycles are increasingly being used for the daily commute to school, college or workplace. We offer 1:1 training to look at riding skills... Read more

  • Get in Gear

    Get in Gear
    Get in Gear is an exciting course being offered by Suffolk County Council for young drivers aged between 17 and 19. Read more

  • Look Out For Each Other, Suffolk

    Look Out For Each Other, Suffolk
    An educational campaign that encourages both cyclists and drivers to share Suffolk’s roads safely. Read more

  • Suffolk Hugger's Challenge

    Suffolk Hugger's Challenge
    Challenge yourself to be a better, smoother, more accurate and safer rider - and have a lot more fun in the process. Why not take Hugger’s Challenge! Read more

  • The Honest Truth

    The Honest Truth
    In a bid to reduce the number of killed and serious injury collisions involving young drivers the Suffolk RoadSafe Partnership is joining with the County’s Approved Driving Instructors in launching Read more

  • Drugs and Driving...

    Drugs and Driving...
    Read more

We Mean Business 2018

Did you know there may be a way of increasing your profits without selling more?  And without beating your suppliers down on price until they squeak? Suffolkroadsafe, in partnership with the Driving for Better Business (DFBB) campaign, is hosting a morning seminar for ambitious local business owners and managers, whose businesses need company vehicles to operate.
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More Stories

  • Be visible

    Dark mornings, dark afternoons, and dull overcast days: it's time to make sure we can all be seen as we use the road.
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  • Pink Kitten

    In March 2017, the penalties for holding and using your phone while driving increased.
    Read more

  • Close Pass - Cycling Safety Operation

    Police in Suffolk are running a cycling safety operation this week to highlight the dangers faced by cyclists as a result of motorists who drive too closely to them.
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  • Put It Away

    Police in Norfolk and Suffolk will be targeting drivers who text and talk behind the wheel as part of a national campaign.
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  • Police target drivers who fail to belt-up

    Police in Suffolk will be targeting drivers and passengers who don’t belt-up during a week-long enforcement campaign.
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  • Plea for New School Crossing Patrol Officer

    A road safety conscious school has made a plea for a new ‘lollipop person’ to come forward and help pupils cross a busy road.
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  • Safe and Seen in Suffolk

    The Safe and Seen in Suffolk – Road Safety   “reflector” campaign is being launched in partnership with Radio Suffolk, Public Health, and Suffolk Roadsafe, to coincide with the clocks changing on 30th October.
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  • News Archive

    Browse through the Suffolk RoadSafe news stories and campaigns archive.
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